About Us

Who are we?

The Handle group was founded in 1978 and our heritage, passion, and specialisms are rooted within the media and entertainment industries. Handle Freelance Solutions was established in 2014 and is fast-becoming the preferred payroll solution for an impressive base of media/Entertainment/Fashion clients.

What do we do?

Do you have a large number of freelancers in your organisation?  Concerned about compliance?  Bogged down by invoice administration? 

Handle's comprehensive payroll solutions service relieves clients of the onerous responsibility of the employment relationship with freelance and temporary workers, lifts the burden of administration and ensures full legal compliance. Handle can administrate PAYE, Umbrella, and PSC Contractors, plus self-employed individuals who satisfy the necessary HMRC criteria around supervision, direction, and control. 

What makes us different?

  • Handle Freelance Solutions is passionate about delivering the highest levels of service to both clients and freelancers.  Handle’s clients come to us because of our deep understanding of compliance, our ethos, and responsiveness.  
  • We see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ business and through mirroring our clients’ ethos and culture, we ensure freelancers get the best ‘on-brand’ experience possible.
  • We pay all freelancers up front - no need for them to wait 30 days to get their invoices paid. 

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