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Every year the Film and TV Charity support thousands of people in film, TV and cinema to address and overcome personal and professional obstacles. Some have needed to rebuild their confidence, get past a crisis, develop a new skill, or realise a dream project, whilst others have needed more practical support, such as an emergency grant, or access to mental health support.
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mental wellbeing

Help when you’re not OK

If you’re particularly stressed or just not yourself right now, you’re not alone. If you think your mental wellbeing has dipped recently — because of work, things at home, or anything else — you’ve come to the right place. The Film and TV Charity are here to support you.

Get in touch free, at any time of the day or night for a wide range of support. Everything is confidential and totally independent.

Access the resources

Your Mental Wellbeing

Financial Support

The right financial support, tools and resources for you

The cost-of-living crisis has left lots of industry workers with new financial worries and concerns. But with support, information, and resources specifically for people working in film, TV, or cinema, we can help you find the right financial support, from one-off grants to help you in a crisis, to useful tools like our budget planner.

Practical financial support, tools, and resources

Financial Support

Wellbeing Hub

How can the Freelancer Hub help you?

Life as a Freelancer can give you freedom and flexibility. However, for many Freelancers in the industry, a lack of consistent support can lead to uncertainty and increased pressure. As more than 50% of the film and TV workforce is made up of Freelancers, the Film and TV charity have created this hub so you can easily access a fantastic range of self-help tools and resources. They are all designed to help you take care of your most important business asset – YOU!

Freelancer Wellbeing Hub

Freelancer Wellbeing Hub

Bullying Advice

Take the first steps

Bullying in all its forms can be incredibly damaging. If it’s happened to you or you’ve seen it happen to others, it’s probably affected your mental health. Replaying things in your mind over and over again can make you feel worse, these specialist support services are there to empower you to take positive action, for yourself or others.

Bullying advice services

Experienced or witnessed bullying?

Legal Advice

Accessible through the Film and TV Support Line

Free expert legal advice for anyone working behind the scenes in film, TV and cinema by calling 0800 054 0000.

Whether you’re a researcher or a writer, in casting or production, editing or sales, distribution or exhibition, the Film and TV charity are ready to help. One of their friendly team members will be able to guide you, and you can feel confident that all of the services are free and confidential.

Free and confidential legal advice

Legal Advice


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