So, what are the most common reasons freelancers are not being paid on time?

🟩 Lack of clear payment terms: Failure to establish clear payment terms at the outset of a working relationship can result in confusion and payment delays. Discussing and agreeing a payment schedule, due dates, and preferred payment methods in advance is crucial.

🟩 Inconsistent cash flow management: Clients may have their own cash flow issues or internal processes that cause delays in payments. They might be waiting for their own clients to settle their bills before releasing funds to freelancers. In such cases, freelancers become dependent on their clients’ financial situation.

🟩 Administrative delays: Many organisations have overly-complex payment processes that slow down payment processing. Invoices may need to navigate multiple departments or individuals for approval, contributing to avoidable delays.

🟩 Peak time hiring: Companies experiencing a surge in freelancers can easily become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of invoices, disrupting even the most robust payment plans and processes.

🟩 Communication breakdowns: Poor communication between freelancers and clients can lead to misunderstandings and payment delays. Lack of clarity regarding project milestones, deliverables, or invoice submission processes can exacerbate the problem.

🟩 Late invoice submission: Freelancers who fail to promptly submit their invoices may experience payment delays. Sometimes it is the freelancer’s fault, other times it can be due to the process they need to follow.

🟩 Unforeseen circumstances: Delays can occur due to unexpected events such as staff absence, internal restructuring, or changes in management. The leaner the team and process the higher the risk!

At Handle Freelance Solutions, we are committed to helping companies avoid these issues, ensuring freelancers are paid weekly, on-time, every time.

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