Let handle look after your freelancers

Handle Freelance Solutions - Our approach


We are able to deliver a truly personalised package which will free you up to let you run your business. Our payroll professionals and account managers are supported by regular EY audits, so you can rely on our high level of compliance.

We can support self-employed, PAYE temps or individuals working through limited companies - taking on the compliance risk and removing the headaches of payroll and invoice admin.


Our online timesheet portal dramatically reduces the time it takes for your freelance talent and line managers to authorise timesheets with the clear objective that your talent is paid on time and accurately.

We ensure that every user is fully trained and confident that they know what to do and when it needs to be done by. Communication is key and both your talent and line managers will receive automated email or text alerts - supported by personal contact if required!

frequently asked questions

What does Handle Freelance Solutions deliver?

Handle's comprehensive payroll solutions service  lifts the burden of administration and ensures full legal compliance.

Which workers can you transfer to Handle Freelance Solutions?

Handle can administrate PAYE, PSC and self-employed individuals who satisfy the necessary HMRC criteria around supervision, direction and control.

How frequently will the payroll run?

The payroll can be run weekly or monthly. 

How are the workers registered?

Handle will carry out detailed checks during and after registration.

How do we check workers' status?

  • PSC contractors will need to prove the company is registered with companies house, have a valid certificate of incorporation, shareholders certificate, business bank account, and VAT certificate if applicable.
  • Self Employed freelancers will need to prove they have a UTR number, have other ongoing clients, relevant insurance to carry out their work.
  • PAYE temp workers will need to prove their right to work in the UK, have proof of address and a valid proof of identification.

Handle will also carry out a detailed check on all placements and job titles - this will include a full SDC review, Television and Production guidelines followed, periodic work frequency checks. 

The level of compliance Handle operates ensures our clients are protected.