We asked our community for the most important things they are looking for… and in no particular order:

🟩 Positive Feedback and Testimonials: Recognise and appreciate freelancer contributions by providing positive feedback and testimonials. Not only will it enhance their professional reputation but also helps remind the freelancer of the impact and success they had at your organisation.

🟩 You understand compliance: Is everyone that engages with your freelancer population fully aware of the latest employment and tax regulations, or at least know who they should ask? Our freelancer community listed IR35 as the most common knowledge gap that raises concerns.

🟩 Competitive Compensation: How does your freelancer rate card align with industry standards? If you have a rate card, how often is it reviewed against the current market?

🟩 No late payments: Paying your freelancers promptly and accurately may sound obvious but it is the least a freelancer expects. Being able to process weekly payments and show an impressive Net Pay Accuracy will help you attract top talent.

🟩 Clear Contracts and Agreements: Maybe not the most exciting on the list but providing well-drafted contracts that outline project scope, deliverables, deadlines, and payment terms are a must. Clear contracts will also reduce challenging conversations and misunderstandings.

🟩 Effective Communication: Do you maintain regular and clear communication with your freelancers, and how quickly can you respond to their queries? The biggest ‘fail’ is often an over reliance on one person, if they are unavailable what happens to the freelancer experience?

🟩 Long-Term Collaboration: If you identify freelancers who consistently meet or exceed expectations, what are you doing to establish a long-term collaboration?

🟩 And finally… are you telling people everything that makes you great? If you are trying to attract the best freelance talent and doing everything listed above, how are you shouting about it? The easiest way is to create a Freelancer Value Proposition.

At Handle Freelance Solutions, we help creative businesses simplify the onboarding, payroll and compliance of their directly sourced freelancers and temporary workers.

If you’re looking to create a positive freelance experience, request a complimentary consultation and let us benchmark your current approach to paying freelancers.

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